Can Lydia Black Escape Before Anastasia Rose, Or–?

We see Anastasia Rose and Lydia Black flat on their tummies, hogtied with ropes, their wrists bound behind them, barefoot and ball-gagged as they struggle to see who can escape first. We’ve seen Lydia get out of so many bondage predicaments successfully, so the smart money is on her. But then, Anastasia races ahead!! Lydia, who is sooo experienced, can’t believe she’s losing this challenge!! Anastasia wastes no time in undoing her remaining ropes, so eager is she to claim her triumph and freedom even as Lydia still squirms and writhes. But it’s not over until Anastasia removes every stitch of rope. What will happen?? Anastasia frees her ankles. But wait, Lydia is catching up! The hands of the two girls move as fast as Keystone Kops to reach victory first. Who do YOU think will win? And what surprise factor ultimately trips up the loser?? You’ll be entertained by this fast-moving fun challenge between two of our most popular models!

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