Missy and Dolly Bound on Sybians at the Mercy of Serena

Missy Minks, in black bra, panties, and nylons, really knows how to drool! Or can’t help herself, that is, while Serena Blair supervises her and Dolly Leigh, who are both bound with arms cuffed above their heads, mouths ball-gagged, thighs firmly spread and pussies inescapably planted on throbbing Sybians. “First person to cum, loses!” declares Serena, who obviously enjoys controlling the speeds of the legendary masturbation saddles which buzz like heavy duty erotic artillery beneath the helpless cuties. As the girls squeal and try to hold back their bondage orgasms, Serena feels up their bare titties and is clearly amused to have these two damsels delightfully distressed under her watchful, and perhaps even playfully malicious, eye. Looking at Missy with her dangling strings of saliva, she opines, “You’re a fucking mess,” and then casts her cynical gaze at Dolly, whose pussy can’t resist the Sybian sensations; to which Serena says, “You’re a slut!” Indeed, a fun time is had by all!

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