Tied Together 69 Style, Kaiia Eve and Lydia Black Lick to Climax

Here’s a most convenient and logical situation for two ladies lusting to lick! We see Kaiia Eve bound hand and foot with rope, and spread eagle on her back; naked and ready for sapphic ecstasy with Lydia Black restrained on top of her in the sixty-nine position, her own naked body rope-bound by her ankles to the head board and her wrists tied to Kaiia’s thighs. Their only available leisure activity is clearly to savor each other’s eager pussy, which they do with noisy enthusiasm! Our horny heroines proceed to slurp and suck at their exposed holes with squirmy pleasure and sighing moans. Lydia really seems to wolf down Kaiia’s cooch intensely between her own quivering climactic thrusts, and both ladies are delighted by their shared tastiness. Lydia’s butt looks particularly nice as, on her knees for the duration, she writhes it back and forth over Kaiia’s mouth. They truly make a groaning pair of non-stop bondage orgasm experts!

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