Kaaa Eve and Lydia Black Hogtied and Gagged with No Escape

The situation is simple: Kaiia Eve and Lydia Black lay on a bed, bound hand and foot with their wrists behind them and their calves and ankles strapped and padlocked together. Additionally their arms and legs are hogtied and they have red ball gags and red blindfolds, and are chained together by their necks. It is an impossible escape situation. Whatever supervillain has put them here must be fiendishly clever! All the helpless girls can do is moan and writhe, laying on their sides facing each other but unable to communicate except through squeals and sighs and groans as they lift their naked soles in their wiggling. Their many tattoos form an art exhibit together as their pale bodies twist about on the black bed. We can even distinctly hear the sounds of their drooling! In an ultimate bondage predicament indeed, they must be praying for rescue but until then are just human female animals, only waiting perhaps for their next feeding!

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