From Couch to Carpet Mia Hope Struggles in Ropes and Hogtie

Mia Hope, her curvy ivory-skinned barefoot body wearing only black bra and panties, is tightly tied, planted on a living room couch. Articulate pleas for help are stifled by a red ball gag, and the ropes restraining her upper arms, wrists, thighs and ankles keep her squealing as she struggles for freedom. Eventually she slides to the floor, thinking perhaps that will help her reach her ankles to undo the knots, but then suddenly a shadowy figure enters and hogties her, giving Mia much more to pant and whine about with her face against the carpet. Laying on her tummy, does she realize the futility of her predicament all the more? She bobs her head almost in a tantrum, refusing to surrender to the clever bondage into which she has been put. Mia rolls on her back momentarily, then back on her stomach, shaking her long hair, making no progress. Then the shadowy figure comes back to put–a blindfold on her!!

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