Trapped in a Sleep Sack, Ziva Fey Worships Lydia Black’s Feet

Ziva Fey is immobilized in a black sleep sack, ball-gagged under her full-head hood, and strapped on her back to the floor. Lydia Black comes in, sniffing Ziva’s feet through the sack, then opening her hood to reveal the face below. She unzips Ziva’s nipple areas to take some licks, and then discovers the Hitachi secured inside the sack. She flips it on and soon Ziva is panting and groaning in building excitement. Lydia slips her finger inside to rub Ziva’s clit too. Then Lydia tickles Ziva’s feet while the bondagette hits her first climax! Next Lydia puts her bare feet on Ziva’s face for sniffing and (after removing Ziva’s gag) toe-sucking, while Lydia makes sure the Hitachi is right up against her captive’s clit. Ziva really shows herself to be a total freak for Lydia’s feet—and Lydia gets freakier herself by laying on top of Ziva and grinding her own crotch on the Hitachi!

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