Lydia Black Orgasms in Leather Belt Boxtie and Frogtie

From the git-go, Lydia Black is stimulated by the Hitachi wand strapped to her pantied pussy. Bare-breasted, kneeling on the floor, her legs frog tied and her arms boxtied with leather belts, Lydia moans through her red ball gag, her pale tattooed body utterly helpless. Looking upwards as if to heaven, she realizes how trapped she is as she writhes against her bonds. The hum of the vibrator fills the room and she gazes at us pleadingly, trying not to get stimulated perhaps out of a sense of defiance, but thumping, against the floor, the sex toy that hangs between her thighs. She squeals as she feels the bondage orgasms shooting through her cunny whether she wants them or not. The vibe juts up almost like a cock as each blast gets her biting the ball gag harder and bending forward in inescapable release. And we see in closeup that Lydia’s mewling climax comes with drool dropping from that gag!

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