“Is It Too Much, Darling?” Ziva Fey Asks Helplessly Bound Lydia Black

Restrained with ropes around her ankles, knees, torso and arms; dressed in blue bra, panties, matching ball gag, and standing up on her tippy-toes with ropes secured above her head, Lydia Black is a portrait of utter vulnerability. And Ziva Fey is delighted to find her like this, kissing and fondling the hapless bondagette, smacking her tits and ass. Ziva presses the Hitachi to Lydia’s crotch, removing the ball gag temporarily so Lydia can “ask” to cum. Ziva pulls down Lydia’s panty to press the vibe tightly on her captive’s well-trimmed but hairy pussy. Lydia hits one orgasm after another and thanks Ziva in moaning gratitude. “You are so welcome, good girl!” laughs Ziva, but she’s hardly done driving Lydia’s box crazy with climaxes. Ziva slaps Lydia’s pie, gives it a wedgie, and proves herself a ferocious new addition to our Fetish Pros roster of stars, nipping at the Black butt, sucking her nips, and kissing Lydia’s pretty and helpless feet!!

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