Inflatable Gag Testing

Violet October puts Lydia Black into an amazing bondage face harness, joking, “You don’t even look like a person anymore, this is great!” It has a gag which Violet inflates with a little bulb, as Lydia sits on the bed in her red panties and bra, with her hands restrained behind her back. With her stocking-clad legs spread wide, her panty crotch is a vulnerable target for Violet’s Hitachi wand, and the blonde delights in her friend’s helpless sighs and moans. Then she gives Lydia a break from the vibe to put a different but similar gag mask on Lydia, also with an inflatable dildo for her mouth. Watch Violet tenderly press her own face against Lydia’s masked one as she squeezes the bulb, before laying the black-haired hottie back on the bed for more Hitachi hijinks, ramping up the speed as Lydia whimpers wide-eyed under the gag and unleashes drool which slides under the gag mask along Lydia’s ivory throat!

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