Ziva Fey Humbled in Straitjacket Suspension by Lydia Black

Suspended from above by ropes, restrained in a straitjacket, her bare legs open at the ankles by a spreader bar, Ziva Fey looks over her surroundings, making the wry observation: “Interesting.” Indeed! Things get even more so as Lydia Black puts a red ball gag in Ziva’s mouth, effectively stifling any more pithy comments, and then fondles Ziva’s pantied pussy. “I want to see you dangle a bit,” Lydia says, elevating Ziva’s feet from the floor with the ropes. Then Lydia licks and spits on Ziva’s soles, leaving them glistening. But she’s only getting started! She paddles Ziva’s thighs with a black leather slapper, then sticks her face near Ziva’s helpless pussy to sniff and rub. Then it’s time for the Hitachi wand, which Lydia laughingly intrudes in the crevices of the straitjacket, over Ziva’s vulnerable pussy, and on her naked feet. “I want to see you squirming!” chuckles Lydia, as Ziva grunts out one bondage orgasm after another, dangling mindlessly and moaning!

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