Vetrap Bound and Blindfolded Arielle Aquinas Cums Hard for Lydia Black

Here is a thrilling treat where we start out watching the whole process of bondage as Lydia Black thoroughly immobilizes Arielle Aquinas with black vetrap: enjoying the raspy sound of the bandages while frog tying Arielle’s legs, turning her hands into useless mittened paws, and box tying her arms behind her back with criss-crossed tape around her torso—but leaving her titties bare. Arielle clearly enjoys the experience, too, judging by her smile. Then Lydia covers up chatty Arielle’s face with the bandages so completely (and stuffs her mouth and seals it shut) that only her nose shows through. Lydia compares Arielle to “a crash test dummy,” amused as she has the pony-tailed blonde bounce around on her knees and haunches like a “pretty show dog”—before taking the Hitachi to Arielle’s pink-pantied, vulnerable and helpless pussy. Needless to say, Lydia sees to it that Arielle, super-sensitized by the restraints, cums more than once under her complete control!

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