Kaiia Strapped Down with Leather Belts and Even a Padlock

Strapped down barefoot on her back, blonde hair splayed behind her, catsuited Kaiia Eve is bound to the floor by leather belts and buckles. A red ball gag prevents talking, and Kaiia stares up at the ceiling as the Hitachi wand, secured in place on a tripod, buzzes nonstop at her crotch. There’s not much else for a girl to do but make little squealing noises and occasionally wiggle her toes or spread her fingers while, in the background, the soft clicking of a camera’s shutter signals that her bondage dilemma is also being captured in stills as well as video. Kaiia gurgles on her drool beneath the gag, but otherwise takes her situation philosophically, not struggling but accepting her fate and seeing what her pussy will feel as the speed of the vibrator slightly increases.

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