Helplessly Bound Red August Brought to Orgasms by Arielle Aquinas

Red August lays on her side, rope-bound by her wrists, ankles, and neck to the wooden posts of the bondage frame, and tethered also to a post on the floor. Almost silent underneath her black face harness, her curvy tattooed barefoot body looks so vulnerable in crimson bra and panties. Arielle Aquinas caresses and teasingly torments her captive. “I’ve got plans for you,” says Arielle, smacking her prisoner’s butt, fondling and stroking. “You know I always bring fun toys to play with after I make sure you’re ready for me.” Out comes the Hitachi wand, which Arielle runs over Red’s lace-covered nipples, naked tummy, and eager-to-cum pussy. “You’re getting nice and sensitive,” flirts Arielle, “are you going to cum for me, pretty girl? I see you grinding into it. Get that orgasm, pretty girl!” Red’s legs quiver against Arielle’s crotch to give her thrills too! And Arielle, “greedy” for more orgasms from Red, keeps pressing down the vibe.

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