Ticklish Chairbound Bella Ink Giggles and Cums for Arielle Aquinas

Bella Ink is chairbound, ankles cuffed and tied with ropes, arms in a binder. How she writhes her feisty form against her restraints, lifting up her black-pantied pussy from the seat, bosom almost popping out of its maroon bra! Arielle Aquinas enters, bringing her trademark jolly note to the proceedings as she notes the helplessness of her comely captive: “You are all mine to play with!” Fondling Bella’s boobs through the bra, Arielle marvels at the complexity of the bondage and, taking advantage of Bella’s ticklish feet, thighs, and armpits, reduces the beauty to hysterics under her ball gag. It seems that only Bella’s nipples aren’t ticklish, because everything else Arielle touches makes Bella giggle and writhe. But the Hitachi wand truly determines if Bella can stay calm when her pussy is stimulated. With diabolical mischief, Arielle works her way gradually to the pussy with the vibe, resulting in much more hilarity from Bella—AND, soon enough, groaning eye-crossing bondage cums!!

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