Arielle Aquinas In a Duct Tape Cocoon Under Lydia Black

Wow, this is an especially wild one! Arielle Aquinas is bound to a wooden table, completely restrained by a cocoon of gray duct tape across every inch of her body except for her nylon feet, face, and blonde head. Then Lydia Black adds to the constrictive fun by putting in an open-mouth gag and further securing Arielle’s head to the table with cellophane and the remaining duct tape. Then Lydia’s devilish mischief really begins, tickling, sniffing, and licking Arielle’s helpless feet, setting off gales of laughter. Lydia drags her nails across the cocoon, then drips her saliva into Arielle’s open mouth. What a recipe for mayhem! Arielle is sweating under the tape, utterly immobilized as Lydia sits on her, grinding her pussy against her, squishing Arielle’s tits through the cocoon too and tickling her feet some more. And as Arielle is used like this, she keeps telling Lydia “thank you” as the raven-tressed vixen rides her restrained friend’s body to orgasm!

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