Will Newcomer Bella Ink Outdo Legend Arielle Aquinas and Escape First?

Hogtied with rope, on their bellies, ball-gagged and barefoot, Bella Ink and Arielle Aquinas are nonetheless chatty (in a muffled way, lol) as they wiggle around on the floor. Playfully they bump legging-clad gams against each other, as they seem to procrastinate before undertaking the serious business of getting free. But then what a writhing show when they finally submit to their daunting task! Still, will this be the inescapable escape? If it is, we still get to savor the sight of Bella’s pretty polished toes and Arielle’s perky titties under her colorful top. But wait—is Arielle suddenly making some solid progress to success? She is after all one of the true Houdini gals here at Fetish Pros! Then it looks like Bella is making strides with her ankle bonds. But aren’t the feet better saved for last?? Now Arielle’s ahead! It’s another nail-biter of escape challenge suspense, and lots of playful fun as the ultimate winner takes all!

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