Rachel Adams Inescapably Hogtied Beneath the Christmas Tree

Writhing on the carpet alongside the Christmas tree, near all the unopened presents, Rachel Adams looks like a present herself, her body attired in a festive red bodysuit, black spiked heel boots, and white ropes that hogtie her in a most helpless position. She pants through her red ball gag as her white-gloved fingers attempt to reach the ropes that restrain her ankles; but she is so securely tied that, denying it to herself though she may, she’s in a truly inescapable predicament. Her shapely body moves from side to side in captivity. On her tummy, she arches her back, trying to grab her ankle bonds; then, on her back, she lifts herself up and endeavors to undo those knots from a different angle. Hope for progress then is dashed when a mysterious figure enters and tightens the hogtie further around her boots. But vulnerable Rachel perseveres, biting her ball gag as she fruitlessly tries to pull a Houdini on us!

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