Restrained with Straps and Armbinder, Rachel Adams Writhes Below the Christmas Tree

Rachel Adams has been a bad girl indeed this holiday season to be subjected to even more rigorous bondage! She is especially revealingly attired this time in a red bikini that shows off her impressively sexy curves, even as her blindfold, red ball gag, and black arm-binding sleeve keep her totally restrained behind her back. Straps buckled around her waist make even her trim flesh bulge from the obvious tightness, and similar straps restrict her ankles, which are clad in white furry leg warmers on top of strappy white high heels. All helpless Rachel can really do is pant through her gag and writhe–on her back, stomach, side, even sitting up, going nowhere other than a few inches here and there at the foot of the Christmas tree. Indeed, she is wrapped up herself like the most kinky of presents! Her alluring thighs and bottom look so tantalizing when she wiggles on her tummy in her endless quest for an impossible escape!

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