Rachel Adams’ Inescapable Leather Belt Hogtie Struggle

Strapped tightly into bondage mitts behind her back and hogtied with leather belts to her black boots, Rachel Adams struggles and sighs under her face harness as she wiggles fruitlessly on a bed. Through the straps that bind her torso, we see her bare nipples through a sheer black bodysuit. How has she gotten into such a predicament? Who knows! All that matters are the sounds of her body moving on the mattress, and her breathing through the black gag that covers her mouth, showing conclusively that she is in an inescapable bondage predicament! But to her credit Rachel doesn’t stop writhing, as hope is clearly eternal in her mind that she might someday get loose and walk away from her restraints in the sexy red jeans she’s wearing along with her bonds. Still, in a moment near the end, she looks closely into the camera, her eyes wide as if pleading for our help!

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