Cruel Nadia White Keeps Rocky Emerson in Orgasm Limbo

Rocky Emerson lays on her stomach on the bondage bed, arms box-tied behind her, barefoot legs frogtied. Strapped into her mouth is a ball gag matching the blue of the swimsuit she wears. “I have a present for you,” Nadia says, over the slurping sound of Rocky’s drool over the gag, as she brings out the Hitachi to set off some relentless stimulation in the helpless brunette. Nadia crams the vibe against Rocky’s vulnerable pussy even as she takes a few licks of those sexy exposed toes. But although Rocky grinds against the vibe, Nadia is in charge, and she’s gonna let Rocky know IF or WHEN an orgasm is permitted for the willing victim of her teasing! We get a great angle on eye-rolling Rocky in the foreground and playfully sadistic Nadia behind her. “I’m gonna make you cum till your brain oozes out of your ears!” threatens Nadia. But WILL Nadia allow orgasm, or cruelly deny it to Rocky??

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