Bare Feet Trapped, Smacked, Tickled and Teased in Wooden Stocks

Rocky Emerson’s chain-cuffed wrists and naked feet are restrained in inescapable wooden stocks that would have done our nation’s Puritan forefathers proud—although their victims would undoubtedly been more clothed! Rocky is dressed only in tattoos and black lingerie. Playful Lydia Black joins in, smacking Rocky’s bare soles with a riding crop. That doesn’t have much effect on stoic Rocky, though; but tickling does! Also when Lydia warms the soft parts of Rocky’s soles with a small slapper and then a transparent cane, she seems to make a more stinging impression. Tickling further tenderizes those Emerson soles, which wiggle so fetchingly as she is then subjected to very thin canes. Lydia fiddles with Rocky’s toes and applies the slapper again, until Rocky’s soles are a more uniform shade of red. Switching once more, Lydia then smacks Rocky’s vulnerable palms before tickling her soles and applying the crop. Oh those tender feet need some tongue action, which Lydia happily contributes!

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