Ziva Fey versus Lydia Black in Monumental Escape Challenge

Lydia Black and Ziva Fey are flat on their tummies, barefoot, hogtied with rope and in matching face harnesses. Who will escape this bondage predicament first and win the challenge? It seems tied at first as they wiggle to undo their restraints, each making silent progress, panting under their mouth coverings. Tension builds as Ziva is first to get on her knees while Lydia still struggles on her belly, but who can guess the outcome? We made sure with our knots that this would be quite the contest! While Ziva unravels her ropes, Lydia seems stalled; or is her body hiding fingers working busily behind her? We come in closer with our camera to chart their feisty progress. This is definitely one the toughest competitions ever! While Ziva is working on her ankle ropes, suddenly Lydia seems to be making real strides with her wrists. She gets them free, but then Ziva frees her feet and stands. Real suspense! Who will ultimately win??

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