Will Lydia Black Give Anastasia Rose Permission to Cum?

“You’re just stuck there and can’t even move,” sums up Lydia Black when she looks over Anastasia Rose’s bondage predicament. Ball-gagged, bound by metal cuffs and chains to a frame, clad in bra, panties, garter belt, stockings and white heels, Anastasia will be toyed with! Teasingly Lydia kisses her over the ball gag, then lowers the cups of Anastasia’s bra to fondle and lick her gorgeous captive’s ivory white titties. Lydia is delighted by how easy it is to grab Anastasia’s throat, which is immobilized in a neck frame. Lydia smacks her victim’s thighs, tugs those helpless knockers, and then gets Anastasia squirming under the Hitachi. The buzz almost drowns out her endless moans as Lydia grinds the vibrator head firmly down. But Anastasia needs permission to cum; will Lydia give it? Maybe she’ll grant Anastasia orgasm relief IF the brunette can endure some nipple-twisting. So see what happens as wide-eyed Anastasia is edged closer and closer to the brink!!

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