Escape Challenge Winner Spanks & Tickles Loser

For this bondage escape challenge, blondie Violet October and dimpled redhead Summer Hart are bound and gagged on their bellies on the floor, hogtied with straps and barefoot. But Summer is like a Houdini, and gets out of her hogtie almost immediately! She’s laughing as she smacks the still-helpless Violet, who’s working at her restraints but getting nowhere even as the buzzing Hitachi wand approaches in Summer’s hand. But this busty carrot top is really into driving the “loser” crazy, tickling Violet’s feet constantly, spanking her helpless cheeks into vibrant pinkness, and keeping that vibrator trained on her twitching victim’s snatch. “Did you make any progress?” asks Summer teasingly, and Violet has to admit she hasn’t—much to Summer’s amusement. Soon she’s peeling down Violet’s panties so the Hitachi doesn’t have any fabric obstruction as it sends Violet shaking and squirming into bondage orgasm land! And boy does Summer enjoy more of her smacking those pale cheeks of Violet!

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