Cute Brunette Strapped Into Lotus Position

Rocky Emerson is in a real bondage predicament, sitting strapped with her legs in a frogtied lotus position, her arms restrained tightly to her body too. The arm straps are connected to her ankles so that she has to huddle over facing her bare tattooed feet. Rocky leans this way and that but it’s very hard to stay anything but upright with those straps keeping her bound in the lotus. Her breathing and her legs moving against the floor in the gray yoga pants fill the soundtrack, even as she struggles to slowly undo the one buckle her red-polished fingertips can finally reach. Success! Don’t give up, Rocky! Bending over into a curl, she ultimately manages to slide out of the enforced lotus and works her vividly inked arms hard so that her fingers can reach more buckles. With plucky perseverance this pretty girl soon manages to escape all that intricate bondage and flash us a big smile!

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