Bound and Frogtied in Straps for Tough Escape Challenge

Kendra Lynn and Arielle Aquinas sit barefoot, each girl with legs frogtied with black straps and arms strap-bound and cuffed behind her. Suddenly perky Arielle undoes her legs but her arms remain tied. “Now I can kick you!” Arielle laughs to Kendra, finally managing to almost, but not quite, undo her arms even as Kendra bemoans the fact that she’s not making progress at all! “Strategize!” says Arielle, not giving up, even as Kendra finally frees one leg and thinks she’s still got a chance. But no, Arielle gets completely free, and that means she can put a red ball gag in her defeated opponent’s mouth, leaving Kendra’s arms bound and left leg still frogtied. Arielle smacks a slapper on Kendra’s thighs and pussy in shiny pink shorts, but she reserves the vibrator fun for herself, only teasing Kendra momentarily with the toy. “This is what winning feels like!” Arielle playfully gloats. To the victor goes the Hitachi!

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