Bianca Rope Escape Challenge

Frogtied with rope bondage, ball gagged, wrists tied to her thighs too, Bianca Stone squirms on the floor in black lace bustier and teeny panties. She kicks off her heels to give herself more comfort in her escape challenge and, panting and sighing, picks at the ropes in frustration. She manages to sit up on her knees, but with her arms also restrained, she’s having a hard time. But persistence pays and suddenly she makes progress. We hear the sound of her drool around her red ball gag as she works at those ropes. The knots are so intricate, but finally she gets her left leg and wrist free. Still, looking exhaustedly upward, she knows her struggle is far from over! Whining in frustration, drooling everywhere, it’s far from clear whether she will make the grade today!! Yes, she got her right leg and wrist free…but what about those arms??

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