Cheyenne Sybian Orgasms

Cheyenne Jewel sits nude on the Sybian saddle, her arms in rope bondage behind her, her thighs tied with rope too and tethered to metal rings in the floor. Bianca Stone comes in and warms up Cheyenne’s shaved pussy with her hand, then turns on the Sybian so it thrums against the slender blonde’s vulnerable mound. We get a great shot of Cheyenne’s tush from behind as she rubs against the saddle, then the camera stays in the front as Bianca wildly rubs Cheyenne’s clit as the machine buzzes beneath her. Bianca ramps up the speed as a squealing Cheyenne rolls her eyes back in her head and pants in release while Bianca plays with her nipples, fingers her mouth, and generally makes Cheyenne her Sybian plaything. It’s hot to see the flesh-colored attachment fluttering against Cheyenne’s slit, and soon she screams, “Oh fuck I’m cumming!” We can almost smell the sweat of her writhing body!

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