2 Girl Escape Challenge

Dark blonde Paige Pierce and auburn-haired Cheyenne Jewel are both on the floor, laying on their tummies with their arms box tied behind them and their legs frog tied. Barefoot and naked, they wiggle trying to slip out of rope bondage, rising to the escape challenge. Paige turns out to be faster and more nimble, and slips both arms and legs free. Which means she gets to spread the still-bound legs of a giggling Cheyenne and press the Hitachi wand tight in the groove of the shaved Jewel snatch. Cheyenne gives Paige’s butt a little bite while Paige works her cunny over with the toy, but Cheyenne keeps writhing until the throbbing of the vibe makes her succumb with sighing and gasping to the delicious edging of the toy—until finally her helpless body explodes in bondage orgasm!


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