5 Girls Left Bound and Gagged

We can only imagine how these bikini girls got into such a fix! Watch five feisty vixens writhe in ropes and ball gags on a bedroom floor, even as they realize they’re gonna have to come up with a clever way to escape because they’re just tied too darn securely! There’s Serena Blair in the bright blue; Dolly Leigh in the white; Juliette March in the dark blue; Missy Minks in the black; and VictoriaLacy in the pink bikini, each of them engaged in their own private struggle to achieve freedom. Dolly and Juliette lay on their backs, arching upwards as they try to wiggle out of their wrist bonds; the girls try to communicate to make a plan, but they can’t understand each other through their gags! Juliette seems to be making a little progress, and then tattooed Missy begins to undo Serena’s wrists from behind. Yes, it’s clear the lesson here is that teamwork sometimes is the only way to go! Not everybody can be a solo Houdini, although Juliette seems to come the closest amid the squeals. VictoriaLacy helps Dolly get out of her bonds, then Dolly helps Juliette finish, and all the girls’ voices become a little clearer as the ball gags come out and the ropes are tossed aside. But Dolly keeps her ball gag in longer than the others—maybe she kinda enjoys it? Finally it does come out, though, and the girls make their break for freedom, leaving a tangle of colored ropes all over the carpet.

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