Pennie Pleasure Vibes

As our video opens, Pennie (aka Penelope) Reed is tied on the floor, laying on her tummy, with her wrists bound behind her and pulled up tight to her ankles with rope. Wearing black seamed stockings and a pink garter belt, she is quite the brunette dish as she struggles and tugs at her bonds. Then mischievous blonde Dolly Leigh enters the picture, in a green garter belt and walking in on nylon-clad feet, playfully mocking Pennie, who begs to be let go. But of course Dolly doesn’t want to do that—she enjoys spanking Pennie too much, and just plain dominating her!


Dolly turns Pennie over on her back, and we think you’ll agree that Pennie has one of the most perfect “damsel in distress” faces on the scene today as she faces her captor and endures her pretty soft titties being fondled and then her sweet shaved pussy being subjected to the throbbing power of Dolly’s Hitachi wand.

You’ll love seeing Pennie’s brown nipples stiffening and her worried brow furrowing in nervous anticipation of the forced orgasms from that monster toy! There’s great interplay from these two bare-breasted babes as Pennie wiggles and pleads and begs Dolly to let her cum. Don’t miss it!


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