Straitjacket Escape Struggle


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Straitjacket escape struggle: maybe the toughest escape challenge of them all! Drooling over her black ball gag, cute brunette Juliette March clearly seems to realize the gravity of her bondage predicament, her eyes peering anxiously through the leather face harness that keeps the gag in place even as the straitjacket and ankle cuffs keep her totally helpless. Sitting on the floor, she attempts to wiggle her arms in the entrapping garment, but only whimpers come out of her lips.

This Fetish Pros movie shows the feisty brunette reduced to utter vulnerability. Her high heel boots, symbols of feminine assertiveness, seem to mock her inability now to seize her freedom. Juliette pants and moans at her powerlessness, her teeth digging into the gag even as she tries to stand up in a mostly futile gesture of assertion. We can see her writhing her arms in total frustrating futility but we’re not giving her a break!

Ultimately standing and going to the wall, Juliette comes to realize that’s not going to be of any assistance, because soon enough she’s hog tied on her tummy and back in her place on the floor, whining endlessly as she rolls over with all the telltale signs of her escape struggle obvious in the runs of her pantyhose and the deep impotence in her glare!

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