Locked in Cuffs

Cuffs for the cutie! With her high heel-shod feet cuffed and locked in a spreader bar, and her wrists cuffed and locked to that bar too, hogtied and ball-gagged Krysta Kaos lays on her tummy in a lonely warehouse. She wears thigh-high black stockings and an elegant bra and panty set too, as well as cuffs around her upper arms which are linked by a chain to restrain the movements of her arms. In a word, this beautiful tattooed redhead is in a real bondage predicament.

She pulls on the cuffs at her ankles and wrists, but the heavy duty padlocks make sure she stays securely bound; but then suddenly, tossed onto the floor nearby, comes a key. Krysta sidles over on her belly until she can pick it up. At the tricky angles in which her hands are bound, it’s going to be difficult to fit the key into the locks on the cuffs; on the other hand, Ms. Kaos has shown us before how determined she can be when she wants to escape.

Our cameras get right down on the floor with our struggling heroine, even as she gets one ankle free, and then another; and undoing the buckles of the cuffs with a sigh of relief through her red ball gag. But it might be stickier getting out of the wrist cuffs, bound as they are with a bar between them; still, it looks like the smart money will be on this talented redheaded escape artist to bust out!

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