Tattooed Pin Up Spread Eagle Orgasms

Krysta Kaos returns after some time off and she is, as ever, the ultimate tattooed pinup model. She really knows how to pose in her retro-style bra and high-waist panties and strappy high heels, even as she shows off her very modern gallery of ink which turns her slender but curvy body into a veritable museum of imagery ranging from pinup-style cuties to lots of skulls and even more arcane artistic visions.


After posing Krysta in striptease photos, we get her laying on her back on a thick stack of plywood, spread eagle with her wrists and ankles tied with ropes. Her feet are bare now and we can see her torso ripple and quiver as the Hitachi wand planted at her shaved pussy flicks into buzzy action. Krysta grips the ropes at her wrists as if holding on for dear life while the throbbing stimulation of the toy quickly gets her hot and squirmy. The black ball gag in her mouth, however, keeps her relatively quiet except for occasional moaning, panting, and squealing…

It’s particularly wild to watch her from some angles where you can see the toy at her crotch and only inches away a haunting tattooed face stares out at you from Krysta’s right thigh. And above that very orgasmic snatch is a tat of a happy cartoon rabbit. Meanwhile Krysta twists and writhes, her thighs quivering, her dark polished fingernails scratching at her plywood bed, as she gets lost in a world of continuous climaxes in this new Fragile Slave thriller!

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