Post-tied Bella Ink Giggles and Wiggles Under Arielle Aquinas’ Hands

Bella Ink looks fetching indeed as she writhes against a metal post, wrists cuffed above her, legs and ankles strapped and locked. Arielle Aquinas didn’t realize she had such a feisty, noisy captive, and she gags the pretty blonde’s lushly lipsticked mouth so she doesn’t wake the neighbors. Bella is also very sensitive to touch, wiggling and moaning at Arielle’s every fondle. As her hands roam over Bella’s big covered boobs, Arielle sees how ticklish Bella is: “You’re tempting me to be so naughty to you,” says Arielle, “you have such a cute laugh that I can’t help it!” Biting her gag, Bella giggles unceasingly. “I could tease you all day,” adds Arielle, “but I have something extra special for you.” And that’s the Hitachi wand! You will love the happy distress of this glamorous blonde who, as her cuffs clink against the post, is obviously in a total ecstasy of helplessness, shaking, bouncing and groaning to wild orgasms under Arielle’s loving attentions.

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