Bound On Their Bellies, Megan and Lydia Struggle In Straps

Hogtied and frogtied with black leather straps, Megan Jones and Lydia Black compete to escape. Blonde Megan throws off her leg straps somehow, but the challenge is far from won. Megan twists herself into a pretzel to open some more straps, but then suddenly Lydia boldly makes much progress. Still, it’s down to the wire. They don’t even stop to take off their face harnesses as they keep grunting under their gags, but then suddenly Megan pulls ahead and sits her Amazonian ass down on Lydia. But Lydia doesn’t give up! Megan binds Lydia’s wrists but she quickly eludes the straps. Laughing into their gags, they race to the metaphorical finish line, and Megan makes it first. Lydia is now at her mercy, as Megan chuckles and rebinds Lydia’s ankles. But then she lets Lydia try to get out of the knots, and Lydia does. “I think we should tie him up now!” Megan chuckles, and then they both race toward the cameraman!

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