Remote Vibe and Chastity Belt Orgasms

Lydia Black and Violet October enjoy exploring bondage possibilities, and here Violet’s wrists are cuffed by straps to the bed frame and her legs are wide with her ankles cuffed to a spreader bar. Over her crotch is a strange harness, which almost looks like a medieval chastity belt—but it’s not retro at all, as it turns out to be controlled by a tablet held by Lydia! As Lydia explores the different settings, we can hear the hum of the vibrating power of that harness, which sends all kinds of waves and buzzes into Violet’s pussy. There’s lots of laughter as these loving ladies plumb the potential of the vibrating harness even as Lydia sucks and licks Violet’s boobs. What will sexual technology come up with next? The bondage orgasms cum subtly even as Lydia rubs her face against Violet’s and the blondie’s thighs quiver helplessly. Then, with the remote-controlling tablet in hand, Lydia leaves the room, and teasingly abandons Violet to privacy for further orgasms!

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