Tough Escape Challenge for Two Blondes

Hogtied in rope bondage, on their tummies in bras and panties, Violet October and Arielle Aquinas meet for an escape challenge. At first Violet seems ahead, but the restraints are rather intricate. “I loosen something and then I tighten something else!” exclaims Arielle, as Violet kicks her bare feet in frustration. Our Fetish Pros camera closely roams over their writhing bodies. Violet frees her wrists but her upper arms are still bound…then suddenly Arielle takes the lead…sitting up as Violet pants with her face against the floor. “Fuck!” gasps still-struggling Violet as Arielle slides free of the last few ropes and reaches for a ball gag to cram in Violet’s mouth and the Hitachi to sizzle her slit. “I’m free dammit, I’m free!” protests Violet, but it sure doesn’t look like she’s free as Arielle assumes control of Violet’s pussy, slapping her tits, giving her bondage orgasms, then leaving her alone to free herself from the remaining ropes.

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