Bed Bound Orgasms

Barefoot and naked on the black bed, spread eagle with her wrists and ankles tied to the corners with rope bondage, ball-gagged blonde Cheyenne Jewel is utterly at the mercy of the huge Hitachi wand snugly pressed against her shaven pussy. She writhes and whimpers, squeals and pants, as the relentlessly throbbing head of the toy sends one bondage orgasm after another through her vulnerable core. Our Fetish Pros camera comes so close you can see the crinkly hardness of her pink nipples, watch the curling of her soles with shiny blue-polished toenails, and imagine taking a whiff of her helpless pussy as Cheyenne twists under the onslaught of inescapable climaxes as she tugs at her bonds and practically sobs in her bondage predicament!

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