Delirious Armbinder Escape

Delirious Hunter is one crafty, clever lady! We place her in strict leather armbinder, with straps around her torso and the binder. As this is her first time in the FetishPros studio, we leave off that last super strict through the crotch strap, but we still don’t think she’s getting loose anyhow. So we turn her loose…her long blond hair falling around her face, this struggle is sexy as fuck! Delirious’ ass looks spankable as she bends over trying to break her straps free. Wearing a matching panty and bra set, and barefoot, Delirious looks super sexy and is moving with great effort to bust loose. Then bam, one torso strap falls away! This sexy contortionist then moves her shoulder almost snapping out of socket! She’s hell bent on getting loose! And that’s ok, this time…because next time, it’s the crotch strap, too!