Chair Bound with Tons of Orgasms

It’s amazing how a ball gag changes the way a person looks. First in her photos we see a saucy bespectacled librarian-type beauty with a tight tattooed body, tastily clad in a purple lace bra and panties and posing playfully while alternately flashing a sweet and sultry smile. Then in her video Roxanne Rae’s face goes into a totally helpless, powerless expression with a white ball gag keeping her pretty lips open, while blue ropes binding her ankles to a chair and her wrists to her thighs keep that agile body now firmly in place.


Roxanne looks down to see a Hitachi wand positioned at her half-hairy, half-shaved pussy, and it rubs up against her, getting her prepped for when it’s finally flicked on and sending her snatch into one climax after another.

With her moans and sighs underneath the ball gag, and from her tightly balled fists immovable against her knees, we hear and see Roxanne hit orgasms time and again, her ecstasy building so intensely that her irises literally roll up into her head, revealing only the whites of her eyes. You’ll cum uncontrollably yourself, just like Roxanne does, when you check out this fantastic flick!

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